“My So-Called Column”

Caeri Bertrand, Hits, May 20, 1996; July 22, 1996.

“NYC public nuisance/artist…”

“Notes from the Underground”

Pamela Polston, Seven Days, June 21, 2000.

“…a local ‘underground’ music writer with a national profile…”

“Coming Uncoiled: The Worst Interview Ever”

Julianne Shepherd, Portland Mercury, August 2, 2000

“…the most brilliant rock critic alive…”

“E-Mail at the End of Time”

Jane Dark, Village Voice, October 19, 1999

“The best music writing this year…”

“Camden Joy’s dazzling stories explore the metafictional zones between songs and their listeners. Like David Thomson’s Suspects or the uncompleted fragments in Lester Bangs’s Psychotic Reactions, his weird narrative stances are confessions of a heart pining over artifacts, a mind spinning fable and fantasy in pursuit of a usable history of pop.” —Jonathan Lethem

 “We need a writer like Camden. The glam, the sham and the blam of everyday wonderment. All written w/truth, skill and compassion.” —Thurston Moore

“I know of no one who writes with more passion and soul.” —Dave Eggers