Camden Joy Podcast #7

Camden Joy Podcast #7

My fondest college memories are of watching old movies. Such wondrous things. One film I loved was Lindsay Anderson’s “…if.” There was even a sorta sequel but it turned out not so good, as I recall. This sorta sequel was a thing named “O Lucky Man!” which though a bad film had a great soundtrack. It is the film’s title song, the handsome piano-driven rock and roll meat piece “O Lucky Man!” by Alan Price, that concerns us here, in this, Podcast #7 of Camden Joy’s Real Good Songs with Camden Joy, which I, Camden Joy, hope you enjoy—!

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  1. I just found out that Nellie McKay’s new record (due out in March) is all covers of songs from the 1960s. From the tracklisting, it looks like she’s doing a medley of two songs from O Lucky Man! (Which is not from the 60s, but whatever.)

    Oh and here’s a song from it, a Moby Grape song with the incredible title “Murder in My Heart for the Judge.”

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